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Pet Cold Laser Therapy in Kittredge, CO

Some pets live with so much pain that they eventually stop moving altogether, but we are here to help them get back on their feet. At Hoof 'n' Paw Animal Massage, we offer various massage services to pet owners in the greater Denver/Boulder/Evergreen, Colorado metro areas, including canine and equine massage, pet cold laser therapy in Kittredge, CO, acupressure, and much more. Each of our treatments lasts approximately one hour, and when we are done, your pet is sure to feel amazing.

Cold Laser Treatments

We offer cold laser treatments for dogs and cold laser treatments for horses. Pet cold laser therapy in Kittredge, CO, can speed up healing, from wounds to muscle problems. This new technology operates at a different frequency than a hot laser to speed up circulation, which helps with inflammation, pain, allergies, and arthritis. Cold laser therapy also has been used to break down scar tissue. Best of all, this technology is perfectly safe and has no harmful side effects. We incorporate this cold laser therapy into all of our treatments.


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